Welcome for your purchase of Kimoni Badminton Racket ! Our Quality is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase !

Free warranty registration can be applied by :

1)     Web : www.kimoni.net

2)     E-mail : sales@kimoni.net

Important Notice :

1)     Please have the warranty registered within the first month of purchase.

2)     The Original Purchase Invoice MUST be kept for our verification when repair or replacement is required.

3)     The Limited Warranty does not cover any damage or loss due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper use, unauthorized repair, modifications of the products.

Procedures :

1)     If there is any problem with the rackets within the warranty period, please bring it with original purchase invoice to your local distributor for initial examination. Please keep the strings on the frame and with a brief description of the problem.

2)     If it is necessary, the local distributor will send the problem racket to the headquarter for final evaluation. If the problem is caused by the quality of product, we shall repair or replace it. (except strings)

3)     The following conditions are excluded from the warranty :

-         Deformation or Damage caused by pressure or high temperature

-         Deformation or Damager caused by uneven pressure of broken strings

-         Deformation or Damage caused by improper stringing.

-         Deformation or Damage caused by over-tensioning

-         Deformation or Damage caused by external forces or collision

-         Without proper invoice or warranty registration

4)     Kimoni International reserves the right of the Limited Warranty and our decision is final.

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