Highlights of Kimoni Philippines Badminton Tour 2006


The 2006 Kimoni Philippines Badminton Tour was over in late July this year.

The tournaments were held in 9 cities in Philippines for a period of about 6 months and the finals were held in Manila, Philippines on July 22 and 23 this year. The badminton tournaments attracted a total of over 2500 participants and the finals were held in one of the biggest shopping mall named Market! Market!

Besides finals of each individual groups, there were also exhibition matches between celebrities and between former Philippines national players and the Kimoni representatives.

Colin Haughton and John Leung from Kimoni England and the former Philippines national players had performed a high level doubles matches which even attracted TV coverage.

All participants received souveniors like cash coupons, grip tapes, etc. from the organisor. For the Champions to the 3rd Runners-up of each groups, they received prizes like badminton rackets, thermo bags, trophies, etc. from Kimoni..

The competitions were successfully finished with pleasures and prides. The partcipants enjoyed good games, sharing experiences, improving skills, meeting friends, more importantly, developing and maintaining good health.

Being the organisor and sponsor of the badminton tour, Kimoni would continuously develops high quality badminton equipments to meet the requirements of players in different standards. We hope all badminton fans enjoys their games and feel the `Power of Winnings' !


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