Welcome Colin Haughton's to Kimoni United Kingdom (12-07-06)

Colin Haughton - Former Commonwealth Games Badminton Gold Medalist, 3 times England Champions had joined Kimoni as the head coach of Kimoni Badminton Academy in Manchester, UK.

He had represented England for many various International Events throughout the world, including  Thomas Cups, Surdirman Cup, World Championships And Commonwealth Games, etc..

He was ranked number 1 in United Kingdom and he had won various national titles in UK since 1990s.

Colin had visited Hong Kong, China and Philippines for exhibition matches in July and attracted a lot of badminton fans. Together with John Leung, the head coach of Kimoni Badminton Academy in England, Colin would also help to raise future badminton stars in UK and we sincerely hope that they would reach a great success in the very near future.



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