Highlights of Alroy Tanama Putra (陳偉豪) in Hong Kong Open 2007


The 2007 Hong Kong Badminton Open Championships Finals were held in the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Wanchai on August 26, 2007 and all new Champions were born. .

Alroy Tanama Putra (陳偉豪) paired with Hui Wai Ho (許偉浩) beat the current world no. 14 Hong Kong Doubles players Njoto Albertus Susanto (楊禮豐) and Yohan Hadikusumo Wiranata (魏仁君) to become the new Hong Kong Doubles Champions 2007. Both pairs of players perform very high standard play during the 3 games matches.

Alroy Tanama Putra (陳偉豪) was born in Indonesia and is currently a representative of the Hong Kong Badminton Team. He is also a mix doubles player and his current world rankings in mix-doubles is 26. He had represented Hong Kong for different international tournaments in the past including the World Champions held in Malaysia this year.

We believe Alroy will keep improving in his games. Being the equipment sponsor of Alroy, Kimoni would continuously develops high quality badminton equipments to meet the requirements of players in different standards.


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