Kimoni Badminton Tour 2006 Philippines is coming !(28-1-06)


Kimoni Badminton Tour 2006, presented by Kimoni Philippines and has Inquirer Badminton, Mirror Magazine and Badminton Asia as its media partners, will have 3 legs in Luzon including the Battle of Champions, 3 in the Visayas and 2 in Mindanao.

The first leg will be in Pampanga on Feb. 18-19 at the Smash Power Badminton Centre in San Fernando, the second leg will be in Bacolod on March 4-5 at the Shuttlers' Haven Badminton Courts in Bacolod City, the third stage in Davao on March 18-19 at the 4Play Badminton Court in Davao City.

The fourth stop in Tacoloban on April 8-9 at the Tacloban Extreme Badminton Club in Tacloban City, the fifth stop on May 13-14 at the Port Side Badminton Plaza in Mandaue City, the sixth leg on May 27-28 at Shuttle Zone badminton Court, Kidapawan City and then the final leg in July(exact date to be announced) at the Olympic Badminton Club, Quezon City..

The Leg Winners will clash in the Battle of Champions at Martet!Market!

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