Family Badminton Competition organized by Zbadminton Ltd. (30-1-05)


Beside providing high quality badminton equipments, Kimoni always support the growth of badminton in different levels in different regions. Recently, a family badminton tournament organized by Zbadminton Ltd. was finished successfully.

It is delighted to see all those smiling faces in the court and all the participants including parents and children were happy with the games and learned a lot during the competition.

The head badminton coach of Zbadminton Ltd. Mr. Lee Kwong Chi joined together with Kimoni manager Mr. Alan Chan demonstrated a winning on mensíŽ doubles against young badminton athletics. All audiences enjoyed the doubles demonstration.

All participants received souvenirs from Kimoni. All winners, 1st runners up and 2nd Runnes-up received medals and gifts from Kimoni and Zbadminton Ltd.

Everyone leaving the stadium with smiling faces and we wish everyone have a happy new year.

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