Company Profile of Kimoni


Kimony is well-known for its grip tape and tennis accessories business in Japan for about 30 years. In order to cope with the development in badminton equipments market, Kimoni was being developed and it・s headquarter is located in Hong Kong while other offices in Japan and China.

Kimoni designs and manufactures professional badminton equipments including badminton rackets, bags, shoes, strings, apparels, grip tapes and shuttlecocks, etc.

Our aim is to provide high quality products to meet player・s need. All Kimoni badminton rackets are guaranteed for its quality for a 2 years period from purchase.

Kimoni & Kimony tennis and badminton equipments are now selling in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, England, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, etc..

Kimoni not only a brand for providing equipments, we also provide various training solutions to clubs and players. All staff in Kimoni continuously working hard to develop high quality products for tennis and badminton, while at the same time, helping the promotion of the sports to be more popular.

Sports are important for our life, which composes of `Power・ and `Intelligence・. We hope every sport fans will be benefits from the games for better health and fun, we also hope that they can feel ` The Power of Winning・ which is the slogan for Kimoni.



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